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Never Cry Werewolf

Never Cry Werewolf

An Immortal Battle for Survival May 11, 2008 Canada 87 Min. Not Rated
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Teenager Loren (Nina Dobrev) doesn’t like her new neighbor, Jared (Peter Stebbings), or his vicious dog. Along with her friend Steven (Sean O’Neill), Loren spies on Jared and begins to suspect he’s a werewolf, responsible for a rash of disappearances. But Jared is watching her just as closely, because Loren reminds him of his dead wife. As a full-moon night nears, Loren enlists the help of TV star Redd Tucker (Kevin Sorbo), who knows how to hunt — and who believes her werewolf theory.

Never Cry Werewolf
Never Cry Werewolf
Never Cry Werewolf
Originalni naslov Never Cry Werewolf
IMDB Rejting 4.9 2,203 glasova
TMDb Rejting 5.7



Kevin Sorbo isRedd Tucker
Redd Tucker
Nina Dobrev isLoren Hansett
Loren Hansett
Peter Stebbings isJared Martin
Jared Martin
Melanie Leishman isAngie Bremlock
Angie Bremlock
Spencer Van Wyck isKyle Hansett
Kyle Hansett

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