Green Frontier

Green Frontier

Aug 16, 2019
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Deep in the Amazon, on the border of Brazil and Colombia, a series of bizarre deaths are investigated by a young female detective, Helena, and her partner, an indigenous policeman named Reynaldo. It becomes clear that the murders are not the biggest mystery within this jungle when the corpse of a particular young woman has no signs of aging. Simultaneously, we follow the story of Yua, and Ushe, two natives who everyone calls “the eternals”, and their battle against Joseph, a foreigner who believes the indigenous population is harboring an incredible secret. The stories and characters will collide to unravel a mystery that can change their lives, and the whole of mankind.

Green Frontier
Originalni naslov Frontera Verde
Prva epizoda Aug 16, 2019
Poslednja epizoda Aug 16, 2019
Sezone 1
Epizode 8
Duration 40,47,31,42m

Sezone i epizode

1Sezona 1 Aug 16, 2019

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